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Interpretive Building

and Trails:

Please Call to confirm BNC is open during month of August!



includes trails

& Interpretive Building


$2.50/person or


(parents & children

under the age of 18

or grandparents & grandchildren

under the age of 18)

6th annual Monarch Celebration

Pending Covid-19

More information to come !

Family friendly activities include:

1. Hike the Sugar Bush Trail around Cattail Pond and enjoy the self-guided Monarch trail, developed specially for the Monarch Celebration!

2. Follow our Facebook posts on Monarchs for cool facts and interesting info!

3. Fill out the Monarch Quiz Sheet - found at bottom.


Monarch Quiz Sheet

(Pssst - Answers can be found along the “Monarch Celebration” trail and/or Facebook posts!)

Completed forms can be placed in the envelope on the front door of the Interpretive Center by October 5 to be included in a drawing for fun prizes!