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Interpretive Building:

Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday



includes trails

& Interpretive Building


$2.50/person or


(parents & children

under the age of 18

or grandparents & grandchildren

under the age of 18)


“Brukner Nature Center is a non-profit, privately funded organization promoting the appreciation and understanding of wildlife conservation through preservation, education, and rehabilitation."

Due to Miami County reaching level 3 (red), the Interpretive Building will be closed until further notice.  Trails will remain open from sunrise to sunset.

Nonmembers may use the "Donate" button (located on the bottom left) or the Drop-box by our front door to pay for their admission for the trails.

Sorry, no pets allowed...they scare our wildlife!


Baby Season is Here!

Our first orphaned baby squirrels arrived in rehab this month and we could use your help!

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we are unable to hold our annual Rehab Open House.  We know many of you have assisted us with items from our wishlist in the past and have asked how to help this year.  Supporting us with an item from our list below helps tremendously, as last year we accepted over 1,700 rehab patients!   Thank you!

WILDLIFE REHAB WISHLIST: Disposable non-latex exam gloves (size M/L), dry erase markers, Pedialyte (unflavored), Cheerios (plain), cottonballs, Timothy hay, fresh fruit & vegetables, moist & dry cat food, dry dog food, He laundry detergent pods, dishwasher detergent pods, bleach, 30 gallon force flex trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, live mealworms, live wax worms, packaged hard-shelled nuts (acorns, walnuts, etc), black oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, gift cards to Meijer, Lowes, PetCo, and Tractor Supply.

The Wildlife Rehab Unit Campus located near our entrance will open for delivery of injured and orphaned native Ohio wildlife on Monday, April 5. For help and advice, please continue to call BNC at 937-698-6493.